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Treating the Mind & Body with Integrative Medicine

Bring your body and your life into balance. At Legacy Health Center we balance the best of conventional medicine and evidence-based complementary therapies.

Relax, Revive, and Rejuvenate
with our new infrared sauna.

Health Benefits:

Detoxification, Weight Loss, Heart Health, Anti-Aging, Immunity, and Muscle Recovery.


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Discover a personalized approach to well-being

We offer supplements, consultation & lessons for health and well-being, and offer testing so you can achieve optimal results.

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Cooking Class

Customized Plans

Doctor's Appointment

Thorough Testing

How is your health affecting your life?

Unlock your path to optimal health with our diverse range of services:



"My first visit, Lynda listened, truly listened to how i was feeling. She did blood work and tests not run by anyone other doctor. Once she had the results she developed a plan specific to my body (including my thyroid which was out of whack). She is a wonderful, Christian woman who truly cares about your wellbeing."


"After years of looking for someone to do all of the blood work that I needed, I ended up meeting someone who knew exactly what I had been through. No words can explain how much it means to have someone who truly understands you."


Lynda is not going to throw a pill at you and hope that it works. Shes gonna perform tests that she believes will reeavl to her what "your" body need to be well and "heal" itself. If youre tired of "treat your symptoms" approach of the medical world and youre ready to experience true "health CARE", go to see Lynda."

Meet Lynda

Founder of Legacy Health Center

Nurse Practioner

Originally from Starkville, MS, Lynda Avery Harrison is a Family Nurse Practitioner with 23 years of nursing experience.


Lynda's nursing and life experiences have shown her healthy alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical drugs. She strives to teach her clients how to regain their health and live an abundant life.

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