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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Life has a way of throwing us off balance at times and we
can soon find ourselves in a rut, accepting the imbalances as
if they are “just the way it’s going to be”. We do NOT have
to accept the following as normal.
Treating the Mind & Body with Integrative Medicine


At Legacy Health Center, we believe that bringing a body, and your life, into balance, will help you live a longer, more fulfilling, and productive life. Optimizing the following areas yields more balance:

  • Depression

  • Weight problems

  • Lack of energy

  • Anxiety

  • Lack of mental focus

  • Lack of zest for life

  • Low/no libido (sex drive)

  • Relationship/intimacy problems

About Legacy Health Center

Legacy Health Center takes much pride in helping their clients find Life Balance, mainly by helping them to optimize their health. Most individuals who come to us are seeking solutions and resolution to their symptoms of depression, low libido, anxiety, fatigue, and just generally not feeling their best. Many of these individuals have visited several healthcare providers and received only partial or no improvement of their symptoms and are now seeking to try natural hormone and nutritional therapies to bring their lives into balance.


Many of the above-mentioned symptoms have overlapping causes, that is, there are numerous things that can cause symptoms such as low sex drive, depression, anxiety, and fatigue, to name a few. At Legacy Health Center, we take a thorough history of our patients and truly listen to them, actively involving them in their own health care. In addition to blood tests, we also offer urine and saliva testing to discover which chemical imbalances are causing our patients to feel bad. Menopause, Andropause (male menopause), Hypothyroidism, and Adrenal Fatigue can have many of the same symptoms.

Meet Lynda


Originally from Starkville, MS, Lynda Avery is a Family Nurse Practitioner with 23 years of nursing experience.


Lynda's nursing and life experiences have shown her healthy alternatives to tradtional pharmaceutical drugs.

Lynda strives to teach her clients how to regain their health and live an abundant life.

Specializes in:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Hormone Imbalances (Males and Females)


Gastrointestinal Disorders

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