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What Would A Healthy Balance Look and Feel Like?

Ok, so let’s talk about Life in general for a minute…. How is your health affecting your career/job, relationships and friendships, physical environment, romance/intimacy, personal growth, financial situation, fun and recreation, and overall outlook on life? Have you ever really thought about it?

I wish I could count the number of patients who have come through my office who, although tired of going from provider to provider seeking help, feel something is missing and that they’re falling through the cracks. The ones who make it to me have a hunch that something is wrong with their thyroid or their hormones or some other suspicion, yet their lab levels are “in normal range”. Many of them are exhausted and barely meeting the minimum requirements in their lives. Some of these individuals are resigned to accepting that this is how the aging process must go. That it’s something they have to learn to deal with. They lose hope and settle into their unhealthy lives, giving into the illness. Some take ownership of their illnesses and wear them like a mantle, referring to illnesses as “my fibromyalgia.....” or “my diabetes…” I have seen some people who are so wrapped up in their illnesses that they lose sight of life itself. They’re consumed and obsessed with the illness. It’s a battle to not become overwhelmed, anxious and depressed with such a bleak outlook.

On the brighter side, I have had the privilege of showing these patients that they don’t have to accept the following resolvable problems:

Depression Weight issues Lack of energy Anxiety Lack of zest for life Brain fog or lack of mental focus Low/no libido (sex drive) Relationship distancing because of the above problems

You don’t have to accept or own an illness. Not accepting or owning it doesn’t mean living in denial either. It simply means that you can take positive action to improve the whole scenario. While not all of the above mentioned health issues are completely curable, there is always room for improvement and optimization.

What would you give to be functional again? To wake up most mornings with some energy and desire to face your day ahead? To not have that sinking spell somewhere between 2:00 and 4:00 pm? To have energy left after work to cook dinner, do your shopping, help the kids with their homework (without a lot of drama), and have a real conversation with your significant other? And, last, but not least, fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling rested? What if you actually felt like doing something fun on the weekend instead of sleeping until noon (or feeling like you could)? What is it worth to you to learn what the root causes of your health problems are and learn how to correct these imbalances with little or no adverse side effects?

Leading edge medicine has conducted much research on newer testing methods and has developed products (nutritional supplements, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, etc.) to help correct hormonal, thyroid, neurotransmitter (brain chemicals that affect the way we behave and feel), gastrointestinal, and inflammatory imbalances. The results are amazing and provide a restoration of health in many areas. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you and those in your “inner circle of influence” all felt naturally good and happy? Of course, no one feels good ALL the time, but what if this were the case the MAJORITY of the time? I have discovered that it feels amazing and nothing compares to peace and joy and healthy balance!

For more information pertaining to the issues discussed in this article, please contact Legacy Health Center, PLLC at 16 Bellegrass Boulevard, Hattiesburg, MS 39402. (p)601-620- 0370 (f)601-620- 0369. Or email us at

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