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Simplifying Life to Promote Health and Balance

The older and busier I get, the more I crave simplicity and peace! At times a theme runs through my life and all things point me in the direction of that theme. For me it is Divine Intervention so that I do not self-destruct beyond repair. For months, the theme was “SURRENDER” and that led me on a journey to evaluate myself to see what issues and situations I tried to control that I, in fact, really had NO control over in the first place.

Lately, though, the theme has been “SIMPLIFY”. My pastor is even preaching a sermon series on the subject, guiding the congregation toward living a more streamlined life. Most of my patients have been running in the rat race, on the proverbial hamster wheel, and have now run out of steam. Getting back to the basics has been a HOT TOPIC in my consultation room the past few months. When I share how effective simplification has been on my own health and lifestyle, my patients usually agree to try the techniques I suggest. On follow up visits, they are reporting back to me how liberating the simplification process has been for them. Initially, learning to say no to even more extracurricular activities, simplifying their diets, and taking time for themselves seems strange and almost awkward. Then, an amazing thing happens….they start craving healthy foods, family time, and peace and quiet. Their lives are richer and they’ve learned to slow down, power down in the evening, and enjoy more restful sleep. I know it might sound counter intuitive, but sometimes less is more. Doing less can often yield more energy and productivity.

More time with family, healthier diets, and correcting health imbalances (hormones, neurotransmitters, nutritional deficiencies, etc.) helps them get their lives back and feel more centered.

For more information on how to SIMPLIFY your own life and health care regimen, please contact Legacy Health Center, 16 Bellegrass Blvd., Hattiesburg, MS 39402. 601-620- 0370. Now taking new patients!

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